4 Ways To Use Lighting To Transform Your Event

When you finally book the perfect space for your big event it isn’t always easy trying to translate that empty room into the event you had always envisioned. Lighting can transform a space from an empty hall into a space people feel an energy and excitement that sparks them to network, dance, or engage with each other. There’s nothing like taking that theme you have for your event and using lighting to immediately make strides towards accomplishing that feel. Maybe you want a winter wonderland for your charity event or a circus themed event for your company sales kick off. Lighting can get you there and here’s some simple ideas on how.

1. Uplighting

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If you have ever hosted an event before or been at a wedding you are most likely familiar with this look which is created from what’s called “uplighting” which is exactly as it sounds. Tastefully choosing colors that match the brand or theme of an event and using LED’s to omit those colors up architectural features of a venue to make pieces stand out, make a statement, or just all around elevate the feel of the room.

Uplighting is one of the most simple and effective ways to get a head start on making your venue look great. Many times long lasting battery operated LED lights are used for this and can be placed to draw attention to specific spaces you want your audience to go to or just for the best cosmetic impact by using the existing strengths of the the venues architecture. This can be one of the easiest and cost effective ways to make a lighting impact.

2. Using Gobo’s

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Gobo’s are one of the best branding elements of light design that can be implemented. This is how you get your companies name in lights! Gobo’s are essentially stencils or templates placed inside or in front of a light source to control the shape omitted. Aside from your company logo or a phrase you can also use them to engage in a theme like making snowflakes everywhere during your company Christmas party or stars for outer space across the ceiling.

This is another way to make a large effect without spending your budget on physical props or banners to create a feel or message. Gobo’s can be shown when your guests enter, on the ceiling, or behind an individual to the sides of stage to brand your event or immerse your audience in a concept. When paired with other forms of lighting and some well thought out place settings and decor you can create a strong look!

3. Highlight Design

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Highlighting sounds simple but not everything is about the color and shape, sometimes its just about showing your guests what to look at and where to go at your event. Stages can be highlighted of course but consider highlighting your guests tables with subtle spot lights to show off your table settings or maybe put some lighting on the catering section, silent auction, or raffle area to draw attention from guests.

Directing your events traffic to keep your flow going is important and there can’t always be someone telling guests every move to make. Sometime highlighting where and what is important for their night can organically help them make decisions of the proper way to spend their evening at your event.

4. Light Show

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The least static and most labor active component of transforming a venue with lighting but the most effective for action packed nights comes down to a properly designed light show. This uses many of the ideas listed above all in one spot often reacting to actions speakers or artists do on stage during performance or reinforcing their words or theme.

Lights can change in time to music or messages from the speaker to encourage engagement like getting the audience to answer a question or introducing new people and elements to the event. Guests can be lit up for their response or the color of the lighting can change with your power point subjects or your bands song.

Nothing can replace a good light show catered to your event but all of the listed above techniques can be incorporated on their own or together to be creative within your event budget to make the venue feel larger than it is for your special event.