Top Four Event Planning Questions We Get Asked

New Hampshire Institute of Art, Annual Gala

  1. What can we do to make our event unique with a moderate budget?

Think of your event as an experience.  In other words, how do you want your audience to walk away feeling—inspired, energized, patriotic, loyal, entertained? Once you and the event production company you’ve hired (read question #2 on why you should avoid approaching this solo) narrow down the type of experience you’d like your guests to have, then the creative planning can start. Perhaps it’s a new take on the stage draping or maybe you want the event filmed because you want to capture the highlights for the company’s website. Maybe you’d like to follow the latest event technology trends and make your event interactive. The possibilities are limitless and with the right professionals, it’ll also be easy.


  1. Can’t we just do it ourselves without hiring an event production company?

Even if all you really need is a small PA system for a few hours or several wireless lavaliers for an in-house tech person to manage, you’ll be amazed at all that can go wrong. We don’t say that to scare you, just to alert you to the potential issues that can arise when you eliminate professional consultation. Since rental and staging companies lend out their gear, they can provide you with instruction on how to handle their equipment properly. The best rental companies have a solutions-oriented approach because they know the right questions to ask to ensure you have everything you need ahead of time. The more they’re involved, the less guesswork you’ll have. Above all with their guidance, you can ensure that your event prioritizes safety.


With that said, if your event’s scope is more involved, an event production company needs to be considered. Not only will they handle the logistics, planning, setup, production and breakdown, but from the perspective of your coworkers, management and guests, you’ve pulled off a fantastic event!


  1. What should we look for in an event production company?

Chances are that if they’re well established, they’ll boast rave reviews on their social media, website or their reputation will precede them via the grapevine. Also look for how well they brand themselves online. Does their website look up to date? Are blog posts and social media activity recent? If your event is meant to further your company’s brand or includes high profile people in your industry, you want to choose an event production company that understands the importance of promotion and visibility because they do it well for themselves.


  1. How do I know whether our budget is reasonable?

When discussing your vision, present them with your budget. If your vision is grander than your budget, they’ll let you know. A good event production company can gently educate their clients on why their $20,000 vision can’t work within a $5,000 range. But more importantly, they’ll advise you on how to scale up or down based on what aspects of the production you value most. Maybe one giant projection screen will suffice instead of two because you don’t want to forgo all lighting options on the stage? Or maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and your budget is actually more than enough to afford those line array speakers and the rigging required for it!